Conversations: Justin Livingston

February 16, 2016

How does menswear blogger Justin Livingston of Scout Sixteen survive NYFW? With a little help from his Fossil Q Founder smartwatch. “Since I’m a full-time blogger, having pieces like Q Founder, and being able to check my calendar and receive alerts on the go, keeps me on track,” he says. Thanks to its activity tracking and notification features, the Fossil Q Founder is perfect for fashion and tech enthusiasts on the go. It’s also a street style essential; this connected accessory is completely customizable, with fresh dials and faces. I like the fact that no matter what my  mood is for the day, with a smartwatch like Fossil Q, I can change its face and straps to match whatever I’m wearing ,” says Livingston. See a day in the life Justin’s #NYFW below. 

The Fossil Q Founder  smart watch connects to the Q app, available for Android and iOS. Find your own Q Founder here.

What’s a typical day for Justin Livingston?

I get up between 7 and 8:30 AM normally. I try to work out in the morning, but if I have morning meetings, then I’ll meet someone for breakfast. I end the day having a lot of lunch and dinner meetings. I normally try to see a friend, at least to have a drink after work or a late-night snack or something. It’s nice because I am so busy throughout my day, and I’m not always in a position where I can check my phone, but it’s nice that with the Fossil Founder I can easily flip my watch over, see a quick notification, and it doesn’t distract me or won’t seem rude to the person I’m meeting with. It’s pretty nice.

How would you describe your personal style?

I guess I would say I’m classic with a twist. I like minimal, simple pieces, but I like to jazz it up every now and then with a printed shirt, brogue boots or something that’s a little bit more edgy. My style is pretty classic.

How has your lifestyle changed since becoming a full-time blogger?

It was odd because when I started my blog, it wasn’t anything I thought would take off, and when it did, I was quite surprised. It’s been such a whirlwind, roller-coaster journey, and there’s been a lot of trial and errors, learning how to manage this sort of unmanageable lifestyle.

Time management is so important, and it’s something I had to learn. Since I’m a full-time blogger, having pieces like the Fossil Q and being able to check my calendar on the go, keeps me on track. It’s the only way that I can continue a successful career, by keeping myself on time.

How does the Fossil Q Founder fit into your life as a blogger?

I normally go to bed with the watch on, and at night, I’ll just check my watch to see what time it is. I like the fact that no matter what my mood is for the day, with a smartwatch like Fossil Q, you can change it up to match whatever you are wearing. It’s a total classic. You can dress it up or dress it down, which is perfect.

What are some of your favorite faces?

I’m such a classic person, so I love the classic chronograph face. I really like the aviator. It’s really nice and clean and perfect to wear with jeans, a t-shirt and maybe some Converse. This seems much more fitting for an everyday weekend look. I actually think the Fred face is really funny, too!

Photography courtesy of Lee Setty.

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