Happiness is the new iphone 7…or is it?

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Photo via ATT.com


Recently I was driving down the road with my husband when I spotted a billboard for the new iPhone 7. I can’t quite remember the exact wording of the ad but I made a comment about how it might as well say “ME WANT IPHONE”. In this age of overconsumption and instant gratification, retailers have started to appeal to basic human instinct and emotion. It’s no longer about the status of your possessions but the joy and happiness you feel by possessing them. All of a sudden we have become our possessions, letting them own us instead of serving as the owner. Perhaps?

So you can imagine the shock (and slight awe) I felt when visiting AT&T‘s website to manage my account. There, on the home page, was an ad for the new iPhone 7 with the headline “HAPPINESS IS THE NEW IPHONE 7″. I had to stop and really think about the concept that AT&T was presenting to me. Let me consider my options…Will purchasing this new phone make me truly happy? Is the phone an actual embodiment of happiness? If they have to tell me that it’s happiness does that mean that it’s really not? Just figuring out the qualifications and fine print alone would (possibly) make me happy!

In reality, YES, having a new iPhone 7 would more than likely make me and probably anyone else receiving it happy. However, consumers are becoming more savvy about brand’s messages and more conscious of their purchases. I have to believe and hope that will lead to a movement for smarter advertising and more thoughtful messaging. But until then, “HAPPINESS = IPHONE 7″.

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