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Facebook Lead Ads are Even Better

Facebook Lead Ads rolled out in October 2015 as a self-proclaimed better way for people to easily connect with businesses via mobile. Much like Twitter Lead Generation cards, Facebook Lead Ads allow users to sign up for business offers using information that they’ve already provided Facebook like their email addresses. Right now instead of users having to leave Facebook to start filling out an entire new form they can sign up for things like “newsletters, price estimates, follow-up calls and business information.” Of course Facebook is still protecting user privacy by allowing them to edit the information that is shared with the business before the Lead Ad is fully submitted. Recently Facebook announced two new features to Lead Ads, making them even more effective.

Facebook Lead Ads from

Facebook Lead Ads from

New Feature #1: Retrieve and respond to leads in real-time

The easiest and fastest way to retrieve lead information is to set up lead ads to sync with a CRM solution from one of our integrated marketing platforms. Our current partners include Driftrock, Marketo, Maropost, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Sailthru, and Salesforce, and we’re working to expand the list of integrated marketing platforms in the coming months. If you work with one of our integrated marketing platforms, you can collect lead information in real-time, helping you keep up with customer expectations that once they reach out to a business, they will hear back quickly.
You can also collect leads in real-time by setting up a custom integration between your CRM and the Facebook API. Or you can download lead information manually into a CSV file.
Advertisers with the Facebook pixel implemented on their website can set lead ads to be shown to people who are likely to sign up for information and are also able to measure cost-per-conversion from lead ads.

New Feature #2: Two new ways to tell people what they’re signing up for

People are more likely to sign up for—and stay signed up for—information that they know they want, whether it’s a newsletter or a quote. And now there are two new ways for businesses using lead ads to give people more information about what they are signing up for before they submit their lead form.
A context card is an added (and optional) tile that pops up after someone clicks on a lead ad but before they get to the form, giving businesses a place to offer more details on the information people are signing up for. So if a business is using lead ads to find new email subscribers, they may use a context card to explain what type of content they offer in their emails. Context cards help businesses ensure that the leads they receive are high-quality.
TheSkimm, a daily email newsletter, saw their lead quality improve by 22% when they added a context card to their lead ads.

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