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BrandsFacebook Events Subscribe Button Arrives (10 Years Later)
Facebook Subscribe Button

Facebook Events Subscribe Button Arrives (10 Years Later)

Event Promoters Everywhere Slap Their Foreheads over Facebook Events Subscribe Button

Facebook recently announced “A smarter, easier way to promote and get people to your events.” with their Subscribe button. Really Facebook? After playing music for 7 years and promoting live entertainment professionally for 5 years I cannot believe it took them so long to realize the potential of the entertainment industry. With Facebook monetizing everything from fan reach to personal posts you’d think they would have figured out a long time ago that event promoters are the heartbeat of keeping people attached to Facebook updates. Instead Facebook has allowed other event sites like Bandsintown to fill the gap that they could have been leveraging a long time ago. Fans would have been able to utilize Facebook for their entire social schedule…anyone remember MySpace Events calendars?

As the FB algorithm keeps changing it’s harder and harder for fans to keep track of their favorite artists and venues unless they were savvy enough to find the subscribe button for a page. This feature was released in 2011 and brand pages everywhere tried relentlessly to create tutorials to show fans how to subscribe to their updates. But alas it was no use as page reach continued to decline and the pay for reach model began its tumultuous rise. Now the Subscribe button has somehow dropped from business pages and brands are left with no choice except to pay to reach their entire fan base.

So here’s how the Subscribe button works for events on your Facebook page. We’ll see if promoters, entertainers and venues start to leverage this as part of their marketing strategy. Then we’ll also find out how and when Facebook will attempt to monetize live entertainment to its full potential.

Step 1: Fan Visits Your Page and Subscribes

Doesn’t seem like too many fans have caught onto this new button for Madison Square Garden. It’s hovering at 189 subscribers currently.

Facebook Subscribe Buton

Facebook also shows fans other suggested events to subscribe to in their area after they subscribe to yours.

Facebook Subscribe Button

Step 2: Facebook Notifies Fans

Anytime you create an event nearby fans in that area will be notified. It’s better than nothing considering businesses pages still can’t invite fans to events.

Facebook Subscribe Button

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Jencey Keeton is the Founder of Social Yum Yum and has more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, from brands ranging from Clear Channel Radio to Fossil. She also loves funny memes and a warm cup of coffee.

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