Facebook Local Awareness Ads

With mobile becoming more and more important to marketers, brands have begun to unlock the true value in available location technologies. Instead of focusing solely on geo-targeting the most effective ad campaigns are starting to leverage raw location data and syncing it with customer lifestyles to create campaigns that are more relevant. For more in-depth information read the IAB Mobile Location Use Cases and Case Studies.

Facebook Local Awareness ads are just one opportunity marketers have begun to explore. Claiming that clicks are no longer the solution and reach will produce the strongest results, Facebook has released the following information:

  • Many of your customers who see your ad on Facebook never click on it or Like your Page. Optimizing for reach allows you to reach more potential customers in your area.
  • 9% of people who saw a Facebook ad, and then bought a product in the store, didn’t click on the ad1
  • Campaigns optimized to reach the most people saw a 70% higher return on investment than those that did not2

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