3 Animated Gif Designers to Watch

We just love a beautiful illustration, not to mention an amazing animation. Here are 3 animated gif designers handpicked just for you.

#1: Robin Davey

Robin Davey is a London-based illustrator, animator, and director noted for his hypnotically looping animations.

Equally inspired by mid-century illustrators like Miroslav Sasek and the comic books of his youth, Robin’s work combines geometric strictness with playful use of colour and tone. He has worked across media old and new for an international roster of clients, as well as at studios including Aardman, Nexus, and Studio AKA.

His latest animated gifs for Wired Italia are inspired by interstellar travel.

My latest one for Wired Italia, this time about the possibility of using wormholes for interstellar travel. As seen in the new Christopher Nolan film, er, Interstellar. Space flight has had a bad couple of weeks but I still find the unabashed optimism of it’s goals inspiring somehow. Let’s get the hell off this rock. This month’s Wired Italia thing. The article discussed how long a human might survive in space without a spacesuit, with reference to a particular scene in Guardians of the Galaxy. I really enjoyed the film so it was fun to do a take on Star-Lord.


#2: Helen Green

At just 22 years old, Helen Green has already established herself as an amazing illustrator. She specializes mainly in portraiture – particularly inspired by the music and fashion that influences her. We love her David Bowie animated gif highlighting his 50 years of style.

Happy Birthday David Bowie!


dollychops: 'Bauble Dreams'


3: Drew Tyndell

After 8 years of owning his own company, Drew Tyndell recently parted ways, moving to the music city of Nashville
to set up his own one-man creative studio. He specializes in design, art direction, illustration, and animation.












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