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BrandingYour Selfies: Open Season

Your Selfies: Open Season

Your selfies are open for everyone to see and now major brands are ready to look more closely. There are a number of different companies saying they can effectively evaluate the information from your photos from the logos on your clothing to the expression on your face. This data is becoming more and more valuable as companies are trying to quickly create ways to quantify and monetize social information.

Ditto Labs is the oldest company at a ripe two years old and “has a proprietary visual recognition engine that discovers photos with brands and makes those photos actionable for marketers.” They claim that 1.8 billion photos are shared on social media every day and they have already started working for brands like Coca-Cola and Cadillac to analyze user photos.

Below is an example of the anatomy of a selfie. Now more than ever a simple photo on your account is an organic advertisement for the brands you’re wearing, the food you’re eating and how you feel about them.

Photo Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Photo Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Even though many brands employ the usage of listening software like Radian6 or Sysomos, Ditto claims that they are missing valuable images that hashtags and keywords just can’t find. Ditto looks across Twitter, Instagram and most recently announced access to the Tumblr firehose.

“Ditto Labs today announced a firehose partnership with Tumblr that allows brands, for the first time, to find their logos and products within the massive stream of images shared on Tumblr, which powers over 120 million posts each day. The deal will help companies better understand consumer preferences for products and services as well as affinities by looking at the brands people include in their photos.”  – Read more on PR Newswire

Interested in learning more? Search the Ditto Stream for yourself.

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Jencey Keeton is the Founder of Social Yum Yum and has more than 10 years of digital marketing experience, from brands ranging from Clear Channel Radio to Fossil. She also loves funny memes and a warm cup of coffee.

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