Pinterest Messages: Are you out there?

Holiday is quickly approaching and retailers worldwide will be flexing their muscle to vy for the top spots on digital. Which brings me to the question…who is going to rule Pinterest innovation this year?

We all know the success of Uniqlo with the first ever perfectly synchronized scrolling Pinterest campaign, soon followed by their HairDo product spins.

More and more companies are testing the waters with promoted pins, knowing that Pinterest is the ultimate breeding ground for Ecommerce sales, so it’s safe to say we’ll see some first rate campaigns churning the waters.

But who will take advantage of the newly launched Pinterest Messages? While you can only send messages directly to people who are following you it serves as the first time brands could have a one to one conversation over Pinterest with their followers.

We anticipate some forward thinking ideas….and while you ponder that check out the new features by watching the video below. Happy Pinning.

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