Instagram Hack

No one has an Instagram publishing tool yet (that doesn’t end up opening up the app) so we imagine your community managers are still frantically on their phones or tablets every weekend.

But what happens when your photo doesn’t match your location? Maybe you’re supposed to be on a road trip or at a grand opening halfway across the world.

Well here’s a recommendation for you, use Camera Tools Pro to hack your location. It’s actually pretty simple.

Step 1 – After you upload your photo click on the Map feature. You’ll notice on the bottom you can “Reposition” your photo.

photo 3

Step 2 – Zoom out and then navigate to where your photo is supposed to be located.

  photo 1

Step 3 – Pinpoint your new location by zooming in and then save and confirm your new location.

  photo 2

Fairly easy and will probably save you a few minutes of cursing the Instagram Places search.

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