Tweet Rewards: Lead Gen Cards

Has anyone yet proven they can garner significant sales via Twitter? Perhaps not the most proven vehicle for ROI there are other ways to utilize Twitter’s promoted tweets and cards to gain information for your business. Enter Twitter Lead Gen cards which prove very handy when trying to easily collect email addresses.

We’ve seen companies try everything from contests to coupons to entice users. With a simple click of the “Sign Up” button users who are already logged in can immediately sign up for what you’re offering. The best part is you can completely target the Lead Gen cards just like a regular promoted tweet, guaranteeing your qualified leads are interacting with is.

Twitter explains how to use Twitter Lead Gen cards:


HP entices you to sign up for their newsletter:


Priceline goes with the tried and true discount offer:



DropWines also offers a discount:



Pier One also goes for the email newsletter signup:



What do you think? Is your company using Lead Gen cards? How are they working? Let us know!




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