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Pinterest Promoted Pins

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We’ve all heard the news…self-service promoted pins are on the way. Pinterest has already started to grow, adding new staff to handle brand relations and they’re bringing in the A-team from places like Google. In a few words: they’re poised to be the next powerhouse in paid social.

Initially Pinterest revealed that they would only be working with a handful of brands:

These brands will help us test Promoted Pins to make sure they’re tasteful, transparent, relevant and improved based on Pinner feedback— so that Pinterest continues to be a great experience for everyone…Our first paid test, in the U.S. only, is with a small group of brands from different industries, including:


  • ABC Family
  • Banana Republic
  • Gap
  • General Mills
  • Kraft
  • lululemon athletica
  • Nestle – Purina, Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream, Nespresso
  • Old Navy
  • Target
  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • Ziploc®

See more on the Pinterest blog.

Then they announced that there would be a new self-serve ad platform where you can pick your pins to promote, set up targeting, only pay for clicks going to your website and then track the analytics afterwards. Sounds like magic right? All you have to do is go to to get started. Seems like even small business can get in on this new launch.

Promoted Pins

But here’s the catch! There’s currently a waitlist for this wonderful program. So the best thing you can do right now is sign up and wait for your chance at glory.

UNLESS, you have a very large budget and can afford the minimum to be included in beta right now. Pinterest has two options available immediately if you’ve got the money to invest.

1) CPC program directed at driving traffic to your website. This can be targeted and optimized for certain keywords and categories to ensure you’re receiving the most qualified clicks.

2) CPM program for those brands who are more interested in reach and engagement. Find yourself in the best spots in the correct category and searches.

You can only choose one or the other right now but rumors have it that Pinterest’s advanced ad tools will be rolling out a complete DR arsenal.

So jump onto the waitlist or go bribe your CMO to open up the checkbook so you can be included in new wave of social advertising. You’ll thank us later.



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